Home Remedies for Keratosis Pilaris (Bumps on the Skin)

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Keratosis pilaris is commonly named as “chicken skin” during which your skin gets small red or white bumps which remain like acne bumps usually on your upper arms, legs, cheeks or buttocks. It is generally diagnosed as a skin disorder due to which these bumps are sometimes itchy, rough and dry. As you grow in your age, keratosis pilaris disappear by the time, generally 30.

Keratosis, the name of skin disease comes from a protein referred to as
keratin. this is often present within the skin and wads hair follicles, this is
the reason it causes bumps to make your skin feel like scrapes dull
epidermal surface. The reason of excess amount of keratin remains not

It goes through generation to generation and can be recognized with
eczema and other related dry skin conditions. During the winter season,
keratosis pilaris becomes poorer and hard in touch on the skin. There you
can only stabilize the condition by applying various kinds of skin
lotions and creams. But this type of treatment do not show good results
so if you prefer natural home remedies, they will definitely give you a
changing effect on your skin and gradually the problem will be healed.
Here are a number of the house remedies to fight against keratosis .

1.  Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar is completely a pure
liquid for treating different problems associated with the skin as for
keratosis pilaris bumps. It contains astringent properties thanks to which
it helps to unblock the pores of skin and good for overall health

  • Take equal amounts of organic apple vinegar and water.Apply this solution on the bumps where available then leave it for jiffy .
  • Wash it off and repeat the method 3 times daily.If you are feeling the answer is just too strong, you’ll add more water into it to form it dilute.
  • Optionally, mix one-half cup of apple vinegar and one-half cup of copra oil .
  • Now add one tbsp. of soy lecithin during this mixture.This will greatly cure your bumps.
  • Other thing you’ll do is add one tsp of raw, unfiltered apple vinegar to a glass of water.Drink this solution twice each day .

2.  Coconut Oil

You would need to use pure, virgin coconut oil thanks to the presence of synthetic properties in it. it’s best to cure keratosis because it may be a moisturizing agent and it makes your skin glow and prevents your skin from any quite bacterial infections.

  • Take a small amount of coconut oil in your palms and apply directly on the skin few times a day.
  • Applying it after taking a bath would be more reactive when your skin is moist to help retain the moisture.
  • Eat one tsp of coconut oil on the daily basis. Gradually increase the amount up to three tbsp. per once a day.
  • Another option you can do is mix one part of each white and brown sugar to make a scrub.
  • Add two parts of coconut oil or two tsp of honey.
  • Rub the mixture to your skin as to exfoliate it, wash it off then moisturize your skin.
  • Use this remedy twice a week.

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